How to get into truck driving

A truck driver is someone who drives large commercial goods vehicles every day to make a living. This can be either a delivery truck, or a heavy goods truck. Many of these drivers begin their career by owning a truck. They can quickly turn it into a profitable business. You can start by purchasing a small, used truck. Then find a parking spot for it while you wait for insurance to cover the purchase. Most people will not even complete the test to become a trucker until they have driven several hundred miles on the road with an established driving record.

Easy as HGVTo completed your training at Easy as HGV will provide you with all the safety gear as well as the knowledge required to perform the job correctly. You might also be able find work as a trucking broker, or recruiter. They are looking for people like you to work in the trucking industry. Most of your education will consist of classroom learning, but depending on your preferred truck driving school, some of the classes may be done online. While most truck driving schools will prepare drivers for city driving and highway driving, some may require additional classes, depending on the course.

Getting CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) and passing all of the required tests can get you started on your road to trucking employment. CDL jobs require some driving experience, usually five years with a clean record. Big Truck Driving offers training and equipment for drivers. This will allow you to apply for federal motor carrier jobs. Once all paperwork has been approved and processed, your license and job placement will be paid. This is just the beginning of the trucking career you dreamed about.

The sky is the limit once you have your CDL license. Most states require that truck drivers have at least a clean record of driving safely all times. To get a job as a commercial driver with a major carrier, you will not only have to pass a physical exam, you will also have to undergo a background check and complete a drug test. It’s serious!

Getting your license isn’t the end of your process, however. Employers and commercial trucking companies expect you to keep your license current. Any time you make a mistake or show signs of negligence in the way you operate your truck, you may face suspension or even a revoked license. While you are studying for your license, you can pass the commercial driver’s license exam and avoid suspension. You can learn more about your state’s regulations and requirements for the exams by contacting your local Department of Motor Vehicles or your state transportation department.

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