Should traditional Christians be comfortable supporting Mormon candidates for office?

Patheos columnist and evangelical J. E. Dyer wrote that Christians can indeed vote for Mormons. She said that neither Mitt Romney’s or Jon Huntsman’s religious views affect her political opinions about their suitability to be president. “I’ve never really ‘gotten’ the antipathy of some evangelical conservatives to Mormon politicians,” she wrote. “On the other hand, reports of that antipathy may be somewhat overblown.”

Dyer then made a case for voting for Mormons. She said Mormons are integrated into mainstream American life and are “simply part of the community.” She said they “are law-abiding, responsible, and positive about the tenets of American political philosophy.” Their political ideas are within the mainstream and also run the gamut from the liberal left to the conservative right. “LDS politicians work within the limits of constitutional government. They have no history of failing to respect First Amendment protections, nor do they advocate applying religious principles inappropriately to the activities of the state.”

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